About sharkz.io

Sharkz.io is an online multiplayer io game where you control a shark in the deep sea. The game's objective is to survive as long as possible while growing your shark by eating other sea creatures and avoiding larger predators. In Sharkz.io, you start as a small shark and your goal is to become the biggest and most powerful shark in the ocean. You achieve this by consuming smaller fish and sharks, which will increase your size and score. The larger you become, the more dominant you are in the game.

How to play sharkz.io


  • Move: Mouse cursor - Your shark will follow the cursor.
  • Boost: Left click or Spacebar - Use this to dash forward in the direction of your cursor. Boosting consumes some of your energy, which regenerates over time.
  • Use Ability: Right click - Depending on the abilities you've upgraded, this can unleash a variety of effects.

How to Play:

  1. Eat to Grow: The main objective is to eat as much food (smaller fish, smaller sharks, etc.) as you can. Each piece of food you consume will increase your size and score.

  2. Avoid Predators: Be cautious of larger sharks and other dangerous creatures. They can eat you if they are bigger, so try to stay out of their way until you grow larger.

  3. Upgrade Abilities: As you collect points from eating, you can spend these points to upgrade your shark's abilities. These abilities can vary from increased speed to better maneuverability or even offensive skills.

  4. Use Boost Wisely: Boosting can help you catch prey or escape from danger quickly. However, it also consumes your energy, so use it strategically.

  5. Dominate the Ocean: The more you eat, the bigger and more powerful you become. Eventually, you'll want to aim to become the largest and most fearsome shark in the sea.

  6. Be Strategic: Sometimes it's best to lay low and eat smaller prey to grow steadily. Other times, being aggressive and taking risks can lead to quick growth.

  7. Watch Out for Competitors: Remember, you're not the only shark in the sea. Other players are also trying to become the apex predator, so always keep an eye out for potential threats.

  8. Have Fun: Lastly, enjoy the game! The thrill of becoming the largest shark and dominating the ocean is what makes Sharkz.io exciting.