About Snake io war

Snake io war is a fun and addictive io game with snakes. You control a snake and the goal is to grow it as big as you can and eat other snakes along the way. Of course, bigger snakes are easier to spot and you can also hide in bushes to make yourself harder to find.

Avoid being eaten by other players or by their traps because that will end your game immediately. This game is fast-paced and hard to put down. Let’s check out some useful tips for Snake io war!

The brilliant and addictive game where snakes are replaced with killer snakes! If you play as a snake and your objective is to hunt fellow snakes while avoiding the humans. Think of it as a Multiplayer Online IO Game that’s set in the world of Escaping from Humans and Eating Other Snakes! Game, snake io, io games, multiplayer io games, arcade games, browser games, online games, free online games, strategy.

Have you ever wanted to be a snake and slither your way through an icky swamp? How about being able to grow and stretch your very own snake body in any direction you like? Now with this game, your wishes can come true! In this game, you are an icky green and yellow snake. You will have to compete against other players so that the last one standing wins.

With simple graphics and gameplay, Snake IO war is a fun and addictive multiplayer game free of any complicated rules or objectives. Your task is to grow the longest snake you can by eating blue dots and staying away from red ones. This guide will help you understand how to play Snake IO so that you can compete against other players and win. Let’s get to play now! Have fun!

How to play Snake io war

Using mouse