About Snake.io

Snake.io in this game develops your skills and makes every effort to live and grow to be the biggest worm. You begin as a little worm and grow larger by consuming other worms that are attempting to grow in size. You must strike intelligently while also defending deftly. How much longer can you endure?

No matter how big or small the worms are, attack quickly with the mass-eject booster and move in front of them to avoid being directly attacked by them. The best performer wins.

Snake.io doesn't experience lag or poor performance due to a bad internet connection. Anywhere and whenever you want, play.

The mass eject button and left- or right-handed joystick controller are fine-tuned for better precision moves and for more pleasure.

Game Features

  • Develop quickly to rule the board while playing fluidly
  • No lag because of network problems
  • Joystick control for games with high precision
  • Better battery and CPU performance across all mobile devices
  • Special online live events and leaderboards are updated in real-time

Tips and tricks:

  • Quickly cut in front of other worms to cause them to erupt when you hit them in the head.
  • Once they hit you, consume them as quickly as you can to increase your mass.
  • Press a button to eject bulk to increase your speed.
  • Aim to surpass the session's highest score based on your length.
  • No Internet connection is necessary; you can play whether you are online or not.

How to play Snake.io

Move mouse / WASD / arrow keys = move

Hold left-click / space = go faster