About Snowball.io

Winter is coming, and so are your friends. Snowball battles are fast, furious, and take place on the slopes or in the woods. The snowball you launch is as important as how high it goes and where it lands. In this game there are no limits, whether you're playing with one friend or a team of players.

Snowball.io, this game will test your reaction time and spatial awareness: think quickly to hit your target before the other team does; think carefully to avoid hitting your friends in the process. The rules are simple: fill a row by launching snowballs (or using any other tactics) until it’s overflowing; then start over again! There’s no limit to who can play or how many people can join in. Everyone has a turn at being arsed whilst waiting for their turn in line outside at xmas while they all wait for xmas inside you know Whats going on here?

This is a multiplayer game which has two players. Each player gets one snow ball with the same color. When you throw the snowball, it will bounce off another snowball of the same color. The snowball that hits another snowball will turn into smaller snowballs and those smaller snowballs will hit other snow balls and so on. The snowball that does not hit any other snowball will roll out from there end up back to its starting place. It’s a great game for you if you like to play with your friends or family members in a small confined space as it takes less time to set up but remember you can also play this game alone if you are looking forward to challenge yourself in terms of strategy. Play this game with your friends or family members and have fun!

Snowball.io is a multiplayer game played with one or more people. It requires two people to play. The first person is the “snowball” and the second is the “springer”. It has simple rules, but it can be very complicated at the same time. You have to think quickly while playing this game along with your partner. This will give you goosebumps when you see how quick someone can react when they are playing this game.

In this game, you’ll have to use your brain and reaction skills in order to be the first player to shoot a snowball at your opponent. Your opponent will also be trying to do the same thing, so keep an eye out for when they shoot their snowballs! The person that shoots the snowball first will get 10 points. If you shoot your snowball after your opponent has already done so, then you will only get 3 points (for being the second player). The first player to get 21 points wins! Try playing this game with friends and family members who enjoy playing IOGAMES. Have fun!

How to play Snowball.io

Click & Drag your mouse button to move karts and grow your snowball bigger