About Sploop.io

Sprooz.io is a sandbox survival game where you must build, craft, and survive as long as possible. Play solo or with friends in multiplayer to see who can build the best base and become the ultimate survivor. Gather resources, and build shelter, weapons, and traps to protect yourself against rival survivors and hostile wildlife. Build tree platforms to get high into the trees for better view of your surroundings. Build a cabin by connecting wooden poles to create an enclosed space. Use clay and stone to make bricks that you can use to construct a house faster than with wooden planks. Make fires to keep warm at night or cook food if you have access to it. Keep an eye on the local wildlife - some of which are more dangerous than others!

Welcome to the Sploopiverse! You play as a cute little blue cube named Sploopy, who has crash-landed on some unknown planet. In this sandbox world there are many wonders you can discover, from strange caves filled with crystals and rare metals to abandoned cities and overgrown forests full of hidden secrets. However, it won’t be easy. There’s a whole lonely ecosystem waiting for you out there. It will be your job to survive against the dangers of nature and build a home for yourself. You must also search for other sentient beings that share your world. Will you be able to meet new friends? Or will they end up being foes?

Spelunking is a type of exploration in which people enter caves, abandoned mines, man-made tunnels, catacombs, or other underground locations in order to explore them. Spelunking can be done for pleasure, as an adventure or challenge, as an activity for training, or for exploring the natural environment. In Spelunky you play as a Spelunker who explores caves to find precious ore and wealth. You will face many dangers such as giant spiders, poisonous scorpions, and lost temples filled with traps and booby traps that you must negotiate.

In this game, you play as an alien who crash-landed on an unexplored planet. It’s a hostile place, so you need to learn to survive by building shelters, finding food, and hunting for resources. You must explore the landscape and discover new things in order to stay alive. Discover the whole world around you, scavenge for materials, craft tools, and weapons, grow plants for food and make clothes out of animal skins to keep warm at night.

In-Play This Thing you play as a small blue creature who is trying to survive in a world full of dangerous creatures, hostile weather, treacherous terrain, and more. You can’t trust anyone and the world is against you. But don’t despair! You are not alone— no one can outlast this many enemies, hostile environments, and so much destruction. Things will get difficult from level 3 onwards but if you keep pushing through things get much better!

How to play Sploop.io

Movement: WASD/ZQSD/arrow keys


Auto-attack: E

Food (used to heal): Q


Lock Rotation: X

Grid placement (when you want to place your building): H

Chatting: Enter

Change item: click on the inventory