About Squid Game

In this fun and action-packed Squid Game, you take the role of a tiny cephalopod. With the help of your partner, you must avoid being eaten by hungry birds (or other players) and collect as many seeds as possible. This game is similar to the popular online dodging game called Kogama, where you play as an little animal trying not to get caught by the super-fast predators chasing after you.

Your task is to stay undetected while exploring the world, but you must also avoid being detected by the enemy team. To do this, you need to camouflage yourself in bushes and grass so the enemies won’t see you. When you are detected, your objective is to run away from them and hide somewhere else. With time you will become more skilled, so try to get as many points as possible.

Squid game is an online multiplayer game where you control a 3D Squid, who needs to avoid being caught by the hunters. The hunters can be either another player or AI. Your mission as a squid is to escape from the hunters by hiding in boxes, exploring and finding secrets. Note that once you get caught by a hunter, you lose and need to restart the game. To win this game, your task is to avoid getting caught by the sneaky hunters! Good luck!

How to play Squid Game

WASD or arrow keys = move

Space = jump Left-click = attack