About Starblast.io

In Starblast.io, it’s survival of the fittest as you try to build an empire from scratch and dominate an alien world. The game is set in a space station where up to 100 players are at war with one another. With a draft-style battle system and streamlined controls, you have quick access to your arsenals and troop management tools. Establish colonies, research new technologies, train elite warriors, fortify your base, expand your empire... everything you need to survive and thrive in this hostile world can be found in Star Blasto!

Blast your way to victory! Star Blast is a PvP action game where you organize and lead spaceship squads into space battles. Battle other players for control of the Galaxy, capture enemy strongholds, and upgrade your ships. The more opponents you defeat in battle, the stronger your army becomes!

Star Blast has many different game modes that keep things fresh:

- Capture the Stronghold: Capturing an opponent’s stronghold is like capturing their base. In order to take control of it, you must destroy its shield generator before it can react. You can also upgrade your stronghold to make it even more powerful.

- Domination Mode: Domination mode pits 2 teams against each other in an all-out battle for dominance. Capture sieges gain upgrades and can be upgraded again to become even stronger than before. Each team has bases that are protected by turrets and must use strategy and cooperation to take over the enemy base or neutralize the threat they pose with airstrikes or defense turrets. If either team loses 3 sieges then they lose the battle. It can be played as a free for all or with a limited number of players per faction making it a great game mode for intense 5-minute matches if you only have a small amount of time but still want something competitive to play if you have friends around as well!

How to play Starblast.io

Arrows or Mouse = Aim and Move, Space = Shoot