About Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy is a 2D action and adventure game with pixel art in a retro style. Your goal is to rescue your companion who was taken hostage by a terrifying mental creature. Superpowers and spectacular transformations can be used to destroy foes along the route. You can also uncover chests with magic potions, find coins and stars to get additional lives, and beat all the evil bosses until you reach the final enemy.

The Onion Boy rescues a princess from the grasp of a terrifying monster, but when he wakes up in the forest unsure of whether it all happened in reality or was a dream, he resolves to return to the location where he saved her.

Retro-styled action and adventure game

  • Epic boss battles
  • Superpowerful and dramatic transformational magic potions.
  • Eight-bit chiptune song.
  • Gamepad and keyboard control optimized.

How to play Super Onion Boy

Arrow keys to move Z to jump