About SushiParty.io

If you’re a fan of snake games, then this is the perfect game for you, it's called SushiParty.io. In this snake game, you will have to control a snake and eat all the tasty sushis to grow your level as well as make sure that you stay longer in each level available.

First of all, find all the sushis on each level; some of them can be hidden under stones or in small holes. Once you have found all the sushis move forward on the levels. The snake will follow the highlighted area and if any obstacle happens such as rocks, boxes or even other snakes then it won’t be able to pass through it. Therefore, it would be best if you just avoid these types of areas altogether. If there are no such obstacles in front of you and there is only a narrow path available at the end then don’t worry too much about it because even though your snake might not be able to fit through there, another one still can so just wait patiently until someone comes along later who can help you out with this problem.

However, sometimes if there is no one around and your snake is stuck then that would mean that you should back up a bit before advancing again because sometimes an easier way out might come right next door once again. Also another thing that needs to be kept in mind while playing this game is that while progressing towards higher levels on every single level, keeping pace with others will become harder with time so try to finish each level.

How to play SushiParty.io

1 Player

Use your mouse to control the snake's movement

Press left mouse button to boost the speed

2 Player

Player 1 use arrow keys to move

Player 2 use ESDF to move