About Swamp Attack Online

Swamp Attack Online appears to be a mobile game where players defend their home in a swamp from various invading monsters, including zombies, crocodiles, aliens, and more. The gameplay involves coming up with a strategy, shooting weapons, beating monsters, and surviving the attacks to secure your home. It seems to emphasize action and strategy elements as players fend off waves of enemies.

How to play Swamp Attack Online


  1. Aim: Tap or drag on the screen to aim at the creatures.
  2. Shoot: Tap the screen to shoot your weapon.
  3. Weapon Switch: If you have multiple weapons, there may be a button to switch between them.
  4. Reload: Some weapons might require reloading. There could be a button for this function.

How to Play:

  1. Defend Your Home: Creatures will approach your home, and your goal is to prevent them from reaching it.
  2. Shoot Creatures: Use your weapons to shoot and eliminate the creatures.
  3. Earn Coins: Successfully defeating creatures may reward you with coins.
  4. Upgrade Weapons: Use the earned coins to upgrade your weapons for better firepower.
  5. Survive Waves: The game likely features waves of increasingly challenging creatures. Survive as many waves as you can.