About Sworm.io

Sworm.io is an improved version of the famous multiplayer game Slither.io. You can play with a greater selection of features and upgrades in this HD edition. The basic gameplay stays the same – you begin as a little worm and must eat the numerous minerals placed around the ground in order to increase in size and power. You can find power-ups that can dramatically boost your survivability and attack capability in addition to the standard minerals.

You must work hard to grow your worm while avoiding being cut by other players; if you are cut by another player, you will lose a huge amount of your worm and will have to start over.

Use the left-click button to give your worm a boost in speed, which you can use to get away from other players or move in for the kill! Are you ready to take on the Sworm arena?


- Amazing Snake-io game with HD graphics
- Cut other worms or block their route
- Eat bugs to gain shields for your worm
- Pick up power-ups
- Controllable zoom level
- Mini-map to see where other players are
- Spectate mode to watch other players play
- Changeable skin

How to play Sworm.io

Move your mouse to control the worm's movement

Left click or W to use a speed boost

Right click or space bar to cut