About Tactics Core

Tactics Core is an online multiplayer MOBA shooter game. Based on the RTS game Strike Tactics.

Take to the battlefield with a wide range of potent units that level up and improve based on how many enemies you manage to take out. futuristic fighter jets, bombers, and hover tanks. Start with a simple unit like the Manta or the Javelin (artillery) (air fighter). To unlock more capable units like the Harpy and Gladiator, increase your kill total. More kills are needed to unlock powerful troops like the Ion Cannon and a huge flying battleship.

Each squad begins with a set amount of supplies. A fresh enemy unit spawns in its place once you kill an enemy unit, and the opponent team's supply counter decreases. All fortifications on the base detonate after the supply runs out, making the Command Center vulnerable. Destroy the opposing Command Center as a team before they destroy yours!

The official spin-off of the internet RTS Strike Tactics, Tactics Core was once known as STBA.io, which stood for "Strike Tactics Battle Arena."

The RTS game Strike Tactics is the inspiration for the multiplayer online MOBA shooter io game Tactics Core.

Strategies and Tactics

To level up, try to survive for as long as you can. When you've racked up enough kills, switch to stronger units. Check the bars in the top center of the screen to see how healthy your Command Center is. Return to your Command Center to protect it if your team's supplies run out.

How to play Tactics Core

Most units move with the WASD keys. The Peregrine and bomber are examples of non-hovering aircraft that move where the cursor is pointed. While the majority of troops only have primary weapons that fire with the left click, some, like the Gladiator, have additional weapons that fire with the right click. Nearly all troops have at least one skill that may be activated by pressing the number keys. The mouse wheel is used to zoom.