About Takeover

Takeover is a real-time strategy game, you command your men to guard your castle as you attempt to enlarge your territory by capturing the enemy's stronghold.

The Rivadis Empire controlled the continent for ages in all its splendor. But now it was in the hands of necromancers, dying. It's now time for a Takeover! In this real-time strategy game, control one of the three nations in the conflict for Rivadis.


  • Real-time squad-based strategy
  • three countries under your control (and an extra Necromancers nation)
  • 5 different squad types
  • For each nation, there are 3 spells and a potent Grand Spell.
  • Edicts are enhancements that strengthen your army.
  • 8 tiers for each country

Steps for Playing Takeover

  • Observe the in-built tutorial.
  • Create gold mines and farms to hire more squads.
  • Build obelisks to increase your mana.

How to play Takeover

Use the left mouse button.