About Territorial.io

Territorial.io game, in this game you will defend your territory by placing turrets. Place turrets on top or next to walls to defend your base. Your enemies will attack you with different types of soldiers. Defend your base and protect it from getting destroyed by your enemies. Protect the base with multiple layers of defense. Upgrade your turrets and place them in strategic locations across the map. Each turret has its own firing arc, which means that it can only attack targets within its firing arc. Use this to your advantage, place a turret next to an entry point so that you can fire at any enemy who attempts to enter the base from that direction and vice versa.

However, if you place a turret too close together, then it’ll take longer for them all to reload, making them a more ideal target for an incoming enemy attack. If any of these enemies manages to break through your defenses, then they’ll have a clear path straight towards the heart of your base; try and keep this as far away from them as.

For example, if you want to capture territory, first you will have to build a fort for your army to stay there without being attacked by other players or the computer. If you want to go into the enemy’s territory, you will have to scout it first with your scouts. This strategy game has several features such as buildings that can be built in order to construct defensive structures such as forts and walls. You can also sell soldiers and upgrade them so that they are more powerful during the. Have fun!

How to play Territorial.io

Use the left mouse button to play.