About TonkWars.io

TonkWars.io is a multiplayer game in which you command your own tank battalion against other players. It has many similarities to Clash of Clans, where you build your base and upgrade it to keep the enemy away. The game itself has two main components: the battle phase and the base phase.

In the battle phase, you control your tanks directly or indirectly through subordinates such as mobile artillery or anti-tank units. The base phase revolves around how you upgrade your tanks and how many resources you need to construct new bases. You can also choose between various types of bases such as barracks, barracks with training facilities, factories, oil refineries, and so on.

When upgrading your tanks, remember that certain modules are more effective than others depending on their characteristics. For example, tracks are more effective when upgraded from a light tank to a medium tank whereas gun depression is more effective when upgraded from a light tank to a medium.

Flagship Features

- Realistic 3D Vehicle Graphics with stunning detail

- Exciting Real-Time Stages

- Dynamic Replayable Maps

- Massive Playerbase with Live Challenges & Tournaments *ENDORSE AND SHARE YOUR FEARLESS TANKS*

● Experience a first-hand view as other players control their vehicles in real-attack action

- High Level of Customization

– Choose between over 50 different types of guns, turrets, optics, and much more

- Confine Captive Enemies within your Base Zone Which May Help You Defend Against an Enemy Attack Unassisted (You Must Remain at Your Base Zone to Claim This Bonus).


How to play TonkWars.io

WASD or arrow keys to move

123456 to use an ability