About Tribals io

Tribals.io is an exciting multiplayer survival game that combines elements from popular titles like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK Survival. The game's objective is to survive on an island by crafting, mining, building, and exploring while contending with hunger and thirst levels.

Here is more information about the game:


In Tribals.io, players start on an island and must survive by gathering resources, crafting tools and weapons, building bases, and exploring the environment. The game features an open-world setting where players can interact with the surroundings, including chasing chickens for food and being wary of dangerous bears. The island's environment provides both resources and potential threats, making survival a constant challenge.


Players have the opportunity to create their own characters, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience. As they venture into the wild, they will need to manage hunger and thirst levels, as letting them drop too low can be detrimental to their survival.

Crafting and Gathering:

A significant aspect of Tribals.io is the crafting and gathering mechanics. Players can gather various items from the environment and use them to craft tools, weapons, and structures to aid in their survival. The game offers a wide range of crafting options, ensuring players have plenty to do and explore.


Tribals.io is a multiplayer game, that allows players to team up with friends or explore the island alone. Players can work together to build bases and strategize on how to best survive the challenges presented by the island. Alternatively, they can compete against each other to see who can dominate the island and become the most successful tribe.

Solo and Multiplayer Experience:

Tribals.io offers a versatile gameplay experience, allowing players to choose whether they want to face the island's challenges alone or with friends. Whether you prefer cooperative gameplay or competitive survival, the game caters to different playstyles.

Tribals.io provides an immersive and engaging survival experience in an open-world setting. The combination of crafting, exploration, and multiplayer elements makes it an appealing choice for fans of survival games. So, gather your friends or venture solo, and see how long you can survive and thrive in the wilds of Tribals.io.

You can play Tribals.io on various gaming platforms or websites and embark on an adventure of survival and exploration.

How to play Tribals io

The game features straightforward controls, making it accessible and easy to pick up and play. Players can move using the WASD keys, jump with the Space Bar, perform the main action with the Left Mouse Button, and use the microphone with the T key. The Tab key opens the inventory, Enter allows text chat, and the Right Mouse Button opens the build menu.