About Triep.io

Triep.io is an entertaining 3D game inspired by the popular game Diep.io. In this game, players control a tank and engage in battles against other tanks in a three-dimensional arena. The objective is to survive, shoot at other tanks, collect colored circles to level up and climb the leaderboard. Players can improve their tanks by selecting from a variety of classes and abilities.

Triep.io is an exhilarating 3D game that draws inspiration from the beloved Diep.io. Stepping into the arena, players assume control of powerful tanks and dive headfirst into intense battles against other tanks in a dynamic three-dimensional environment. The premise is simple yet addictively entertaining: survive, eliminate opponents, gather colored circles to advance, and ascend the leaderboard to dominance.


One of the game's defining features is its diverse selection of tank classes and abilities, providing players with ample opportunities for customization and specialization. Whether preferring the brute force of a heavy tank, the agility of a scout, or the tactical versatility of a support tank, there's a class to suit every playstyle. Additionally, players can further augment their tanks with various abilities, such as enhanced firepower, rapid regeneration, or disruptive crowd control effects, adding layers of depth to the gameplay.


Beyond its thrilling gameplay, Triep.io boasts stunning visuals and immersive sound design, enveloping players in a vibrant world teeming with action and excitement. From the dazzling explosions of projectiles to the rumble of tanks traversing the terrain, every aspect of the game is meticulously crafted to heighten the player experience.

How to play Triep.io

  1. Survival and Combat: Your tank is placed in a 3D arena filled with other player-controlled tanks. Survive by avoiding enemy fire and dangerous obstacles while aiming to shoot and destroy other tanks.

  2. Collect Colored Circles: Destroying other tanks will drop colored circles. Collect these circles to level up your tank. The more you shoot and destroy, the stronger your tank becomes.

  3. Climb the Leaderboard: The ultimate goal is to reach the highest score on the leaderboard. Earn points by destroying enemy tanks and collecting colored circles.

  4. Upgrade Your Tank: Press the "E" key to access the upgrade menu. Here, you can choose from various classes and abilities to customize your tank's attributes. Select upgrades that suit your playstyle and strategy.

  5. Avoid Falling and Enemy Attacks: Watch out for falling objects and traps in the arena. Additionally, dodge enemy shots to keep your tank alive and maintain your score.

  6. Classes and Abilities: Experiment with different tank classes and abilities to find the best combination for your gameplay. Some classes may focus on firepower, speed, durability, or special abilities. Choose upgrades that complement your preferred style of play.

Tips for Success:

  • Keep moving to avoid becoming an easy target for enemy tanks.
  • Aim carefully and time your shots to hit enemy tanks accurately.
  • Collect colored circles to level up your tank and increase its strength.
  • Upgrade your tank wisely by choosing classes and abilities that enhance your preferred playstyle.
  • Watch out for enemy tanks with high scores, as they may pose a significant threat.
  • Stay vigilant and adapt to the changing dynamics of the 3D arena to survive and climb the leaderboard.