About Tzared

Tzared is an online multiplayer strategy game with a focus on tactics. The game is set in the medieval world of Galaria, where adventurers known as Explorers strive to venture into the dungeons and face the evils that lie within. The Explorers need your help though! Join them as they try to overcome each challenge laid before them by their evil adversaries. The game takes place in the Tzetzes universe, which is made up of three different zones. In addition to exploring these dungeons, you can also challenge other players from around the world to battle for supremacy. Experience thrilling multiplayer battles against computer-controlled opponents or fight real people from all over the globe in PvP mode. Fight for glory and prove your worth.

When you face a challenging situation it is important to stay calm. Tzared - Medieval Battle Strategy Game is an exciting and challenging strategy game in which you have to build your army, fight with the enemies and win the battle. The point of the game is to build your own army and defeat all opponents on different battlefields. The more soldiers you recruit, the stronger your army becomes. It also helps if you can train them well. You will need a strategy, leadership skills, tactics, and many other attributes to lead your soldiers.

Build up your base and train a big army. Once you have enough resources, go out and attack the enemy base in order to destroy it completely. The main goal of each faction is to destroy their enemy's capital city. The player who manages to capture the enemy's capital first wins. Have fun!

How to play Tzared

Use the left mouse button to interact

Use arrow keys to move the camera view

Use the mouse scroll to zoom in/out