About War In Space

War in Space is a retro-style arcade shooter game that involves battling waves of relentless enemy ships across numerous levels. The game offers a challenging experience with a variety of technologies available in the tech tree.

How to play War In Space

Here's an overview of how to play:


  1. Objective: The main objective of "War in Space" is to battle against waves of enemy ships and successfully navigate through multiple levels, ultimately reaching the final wave.

  2. Enemy Waves: As you progress through the game, you will encounter waves of enemy ships that become progressively more challenging. Your goal is to survive each wave by destroying enemy ships while avoiding their attacks.

  3. Tech Tree: The game features a tech tree with over 50 technologies that you can unlock and use to enhance your abilities, upgrade your ship, and improve your chances of survival.

Controls Guide:

  • The specific controls for "War in Space" may depend on the platform and version you're playing. However, here are general controls you might encounter:

  • Movement: Use the arrow keys or on-screen controls to maneuver your ship through space.

  • Shooting: You can typically shoot at enemies using the spacebar or another designated key/button. Your ship is equipped with weapons to eliminate enemy ships.

  • Tech Tree: You may access the tech tree to upgrade your ship's capabilities and unlock new technologies, which can provide advantages during gameplay.

  • Challenges: As you progress, the game may introduce new challenges and objectives for each level, making the gameplay progressively more engaging.

  • Wave Progression: The game advances through waves, and each wave may bring more powerful and numerous enemy ships. Your goal is to survive each wave and progress further into the game.

To get precise controls and in-depth instructions for "War in Space," you should consult the in-game tutorial, explore the game's official sources, or refer to the platform where the game is available.

"War in Space" is a retro-style arcade shooter that offers challenging gameplay, multiple levels, and a tech tree to keep players engaged. It's a game where your shooting skills and strategic upgrades are essential to conquer the relentless waves of enemy ships. Enjoy the retro arcade experience and battle in the depths of space!