About Wheely

Wheely is a challenging puzzle game with fun and colorful graphics. Your task is to get the red car out of the labyrinth by moving the other cars and causing chain reactions. Sounds easy? It’s not! With every level you advance, the game gets more challenging. You can move any car by tapping on it. Once you’ve cleared a path for the red car, tap on it again to lead it out of its prison. But beware – Every time you move another car, all other cars will change their positions again! And if you get stuck at any point in time, there’s a hint available that will give you a brief overview of how to proceed.

Come and drive your new red car in this cool puzzle game! Your goal is to get the red car out of the parking lot by guiding it through the exit gate. Sounds easy right? But, you will have to think outside of the box to solve all puzzles because you can only move green cars. When you click on a green car, you can rotate it or move it up or down. There are many different tracks and each one is more challenging than the previous one.

Wheely is an exciting car game where you have to solve puzzles and crack codes to find your way out of the house. You wake up one day, locked in a creepy house with various puzzles and contraptions. Finding the secret code, opening the lock, and solving other puzzles will be no easy task! You will have to think outside the box if you want to escape from this creepy place. Are you ready to accept this challenge? Let's play this challenging puzzle game now!

How to play Wheely

Use keyboard to move character