About Wheely 6

Wheely is back with a brand new adventure! Follow Wheely, the green car, in his new adventure and solve challenging puzzles. Help him find his way out of this maze-like factory. You will need to think fast and find the right path forward. Use your sleight of hand and your smart brain to get you past all the tricky traps and puzzles. Test yourself and see if you can get a perfect score on every level.

Wheely is back with a brand new game! This time, he’s traveling through different car-themed worlds and challenging his abilities as a big red car. Help him find all of the blueprints to unlock new levels and save every car from the scrap yard! New games, new challenges – but the same old Wheely. Prove that you are his biggest fan by helping him through this rough patch in his life. Get ready for the craziest car adventure.

Wheely 6 is the sixth installment of the challenging physics-based car game. In each level, you must reach the end by jumping over obstacles and avoiding pits and traps. To complete harder levels, you need to think logically and plan ahead as well as be quick on your feet.

Wheely has just started working as a delivery boy at an online supermarket. His first day was challenging and he had to make several deliveries. But that was nothing compared to the final task - getting his new boss home safely! Help him get to the end of this challenging labyrinth by solving puzzles and making your way through narrow passages and tricky traps. Use your logic and observation skills to complete each level. Good luck!

How to play Wheely 6

Use your mouse to click on objects and on Wheely.