About Wheely 7

Challenge your friends, family, and fellow road-trippers to a thrilling driving adventure by solving brain-bending puzzles, exploring gorgeous locations, and performing stunts with your Wheely 7 game favorite.

Wheely is in trouble! Once again the red car has been captured by an evil villain and locked in a cage. Now, the only way to free your yellow friend is by completing challenging puzzles and games in his castle. Are you ready for this ultimate challenge? In Wheely 7, You need to complete all levels with as few clicks as possible.

To pass each level, you must find out which objects are interactive and how they can be used to free your friend from his cage, trap a monster or lead it into a trap. In every new level, you will need to use different combinations of blocks, ladders, teleports, and other interactive objects so that your friend can escape from the trap safely. If you like brain teasers and puzzle games, this is the perfect game for you! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to test your wits, put on your thinking cap and get ready to play.

Wheely is an adventurous auto that lives in a small town. His best friends are Cars – Red, Blue, Black, and Yellow. These cars are not your average cars they can transform into different vehicles when they drive through the special puddles on Main Street. Once they have transformed they go on amazing adventures together and help each other out if one of them is in trouble. One day while cruising down Main Street red spots a mysterious car parked outside of town with its engine running and no driver you help find out what happened to this mysterious.

In this final installment in the popular point-and-click puzzle game series, Wheely will face his toughest challenge yet. After being captured by an evil scientist, he finds himself locked up in an old and abandoned factory. Help poor Wheely escape from his cage and find a way back home! Solve challenging puzzles, explore vast locations and meet interesting characters as you uncover secrets about the past of this strange.

Up, down, left, and right. These are the only four directions you can go in this world. But why not restrict yourself even more? Why not explore a world where you can only move up, down, left, or right? Sounds boring? Nah! This is an awesome challenge for your intellect, so let's get starting the game now!

How to play Wheely 7

Use your mouse to click on objects and on Wheely.