About Wings.io

Wings.io is a new multiplayer game based on the popular io games like gunnerkrigg court and ottsuke no kanechi. It combines elements of both games into one epic battle.

This amazing game is allows players to roam around an arena and take flight while battling other players in attempts to be crowned the airspace dominance player of the match. Players must fly around the arena without getting destroyed by other players to win the match, which makes it a whole new ball game compared to your standard io game where one wrong move means you’re done for.

Game Features:

- Flight Control System: You can control your character using either a keyboard or controller in this io battle for airspace dominance.

- Power Ups: The power ups you find in WINGS.io are special items that give your character special powers or otherwise improve their stats in some way allowing them to stand up against the odds a little longer. These power ups are scattered around the centre area of each map so keep your eyes peeled for them if you want to get better!

- AI Bots: You can play against AI bots instead of real people if you don’t feel like going up against other humans just yet, though we recommend trying out WINGS.io with real people first as it’s much more fun that way!

.io, or io games are multiplayer online games with simple rules but great player interaction. The more players there are in a game, the faster things happen and the more fun everyone has playing together! These type of games can also help relieve stress and build social skills – perfect if you want to meet new people without having to go out into public or pay for a paid membership service. In Wings.io, players take control of airships that they can upgrade over time to become more powerful aircrafts with more hit points and an increased attack range.

In aerial combat nothing is certain except death and taxes - no one expects an old saying about fighting against everything until all other options have been exhausted? Well as long as you stay grounded it does not apply to you! But if you go up then so do we! Good luck!

How to play Wings.io

Use your mouse to control your plane and to aim

Press space bar to shoot