About Worms.io

Worms.io is a complete Slither.io clone with more features. Play against your friends and family, or take on the world in this multiplayer snake game! A great game for everyone from the casual gamer to serious gamers.

This game combines fast-paced gameplay, strategy, and competitive Snakesm games. You’ll need quick reflexes and skills of observation to conquer the Worms io leaderboards If you ever played Slither.io then you're already familiar with how it works: a growing mass of snakes constantly eats smaller ones, until there are only two players left In this multiplayer snake game you can choose between several different character skins as well as upgrade their abilities to outsmart other players. Be aware of the catapults that fire at you from afar!

In Worms.io you will play with other players and compete for the highest score. You have to be careful, though! You’re playing against a bunch of worms, so even if you’re doing well, you still have to watch out for your opponents. But don’t worry, Slither.io isn’t that different from snake io games. It is just played online instead of locally so everyone has to play together in one place.

The game itself is very simple and anyone can pick it up right away in addition to being a great gateway into online gaming. Just think about it: anyone can find an opponent in Worms.io - whether they are a random user or another player looking for some company in their game session; because everyone else is there too!

How to play Worms.io

Move your mouse to control the snake's movement

Press X to use skill