About Zombie Defense GO

Zombie Defense GO appears to be a zombie defense game where players must protect a farmer's house from zombie invasions. The gameplay involves shooting zombies, earning money, and using that currency to buy weapons or upgrade barriers. Completing quests provides rewards.

How to play Zombie Defense GO

Controls Guide (General):

  1. Aiming/Shooting: Use your mouse or touchscreen to aim and shoot at zombies.
  2. Weapon Selection: You can choose weapons by buying them using in-game currency.
  3. Movement: If there is a character involved, use arrow keys, WASD keys, or a joystick to move.
  4. Upgrades: Upgrade barriers or weapons to enhance your defenses.

How to Play:

  1. Objective: The main goal is to defend your house or designated area from waves of zombies.
  2. Wave System: Zombies typically come in waves, and each wave may increase in difficulty.
  3. Rewards: Earn rewards, such as in-game currency, for completing quests or surviving waves.
  4. Currency Management: Use the money you earn to buy better weapons or upgrade your defenses.
  5. Strategic Placement: Strategically place barriers or other defensive structures to slow down or stop the zombies.


  • Resource Management: Efficiently manage your in-game currency to get the best weapons and upgrades.
  • Strategic Placement: Think strategically about where to place barriers and weapons for optimal defense.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your strategy based on the types of zombies and their abilities.