About apes.io

Apes.io, in this game you may play the multiplayer battle royale game with friends or other players! Investigate this enormous island and gather antiquated items to make magical weapons. Learn spells, create wands, claim the Prime Ape's crown, and survive the island as the last remaining ape!

In APES.IO, enter an "endless royale" armed with terrifying ape powers. Gather historical relics and create one-of-a-kind magical weaponry. You are directed toward the formidable Prime Ape, the sole remaining ape on the island, as you traverse a wide island combining platforming and combat mechanics. Learn spells. Wands of the forge. Grab the crown of the Prime Ape.

How to play apes.io

Controls - WASD to move

Mouse to aim

Shift to roll

Space to jump/climb

Left Click to shoot

Right Click / V to zoom

E to pick up items

Tab - to open inventory and craft wands

M to open map

1 + 2 to switch wands