About Astro Race

Astro Race is a retro racing game where players control a spaceship and engage in drifting and racing across various tracks. The game is known for its nostalgic music and graphics, as well as its fun racing gameplay. This is a fun and challenging retro racing game that offers an enjoyable experience with its classic gameplay and visuals. To master the game, focus on precision drifting and using your speed boosts strategically to outpace your rivals.

Astro Race

How to play Astro Race

Here's a guide on how to play and the typical controls:


  • Objective: In "Astro Race," the primary goal is to compete in races and complete laps while drifting your spaceship and charging your boost bar for a speed boost.

  • Leagues: Players start in the novice league and can advance to higher leagues by successfully completing races.

  • Boost: Drift your spaceship along the edges of the track to charge your boost bar. When the bar is full, you can activate a speed boost using the space bar.

  • Tracks: There are multiple distinct tracks to play on, and each track requires completing five laps.


  • Arrow Keys: Utilize the arrow keys for controlling your spaceship's movement. Press up to accelerate, down to brake or reverse, and left and right to steer.

  • Space Bar: Use the space bar to activate your speed boost when your boost bar is fully charged.

How to Play:

  1. Starting a Race: Choose a track to race on and begin the race. Each track consists of five laps.

  2. Driving and Drifting: Employ the arrow keys to control your spaceship's movement. To charge your boost bar, focus on drifting along the track's edges. Drifting entails sliding sideways through turns while maintaining control.

  3. Boost: Once your boost bar is fully charged, press the space bar to activate the speed boost. Utilize it strategically, especially on straightaways, to gain an advantage during the race.

  4. Lap Completion: Track your progress by completing laps. Strive to stay ahead of your opponents and complete all laps as swiftly as possible.

  5. Winning Races: The objective is to finish the race ahead of your opponents. Effective racing and skillful drifting to charge your boost are pivotal to achieving victory.

  6. Advancement in Leagues: As you successfully complete races and progress, you may ascend to higher leagues where the competition becomes more challenging.

  7. Practice: As with any racing game, practice and familiarity with the tracks are essential for improving your racing skills and achieving better times.

"Astro Race" provides an enjoyable and challenging retro racing experience with its classic gameplay, delightful music, and nostalgic graphics. To excel in the game, focus on honing your drifting techniques and using your speed boosts strategically to outpace your competitors.