About AstroDud.io

Looking for a game to play with your friends where you can all be happy, smile, and have fun? Then you’re in the right place! AstroDud.io is the perfect multiplayer game to play with your friends. It’s a race against time, each player will have their own objectives and win conditions. Each round is different from the others; there are so many different places to explore and discover! The game has also been optimized for VR (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive).

AstroDud.io is a ragdoll, multiplayer, 3D, racing game. You can race against other players or AI-controlled characters. You control a little astronaut – and try to stay alive as long as possible in this deadly arena! Your objective is to stay on track and avoid obstacles at all costs. If you fall into the abyss – you’ll be sent back to the starting point of the track. Watch out for your fellow racers, because they can attack you and kill you with their weapons! Stay alert and don’t let them catch you off.

In the game, you and your friends are zodiac sign characters that must race around an arena filled with traps and obstacles. Your goal is to take down as many opponents as possible in 5 minutes or less. With strategic teamwork and quick reflexes, you can be the last Astro standing! Are you ready to fight against other players? Are you ready to be the last survivor among others? Good luck and have fun!

How to play AstroDud.io

Move your astronaut through the map using W A S D keys

Push players by pressing E

Jump by clicking the space bar

Look around by moving your mouse