About BasketBros.io

BasketBros - In the side-scrolling this basketball game, you face off against tough opponents. You'll soar through the air and bang into everything in this furious game of hoops!

Blue Wizard Digital was the maker of the BasketBros video game. You can play this fast-paced basketball game for two players with a friend to unwind and have fun during the weekend. Prior to beginning the game, you can select your favorite character from the table; even though you'll need to unlock the majority of the characters in order to play, you'll start with four free character slots. the conflict between two opponents that is spectacular and thrilling. Additionally, a range of options are available for choosing the outfit's color. Both you and your opponent can design unique uniforms that reflect your personal interests. Similar to the Basketball Stars game, you must compete with your opponent for the ball and put it in their basket as soon as you can to score points for yourself. Whoever has accumulated the most points before the time restriction runs out is the ultimate victor. As you gain victories, you will be able to access more new characters and features, which will spice up your combat. I'm hoping the BasketBros will provide you with some soothing enjoyment.



Blue Wizard Digital is a Canadian video game production studio and publisher that was established in 2014 by PopCap Games co-founder and early pioneer Jason Kapalka. much of the time on portable electronics. With Hinterland, the studio responsible for The Long Dark, situated in Vancouver, it is currently the sole video game firm with headquarters in Comox Valley, British Columbia.

The firm creates original games in addition to tense horror puzzle games, amusing first-person shooters, and other creative alterations of current gaming formats.


Before time runs out, use your mastery abilities to score as many points as you can. Prior to the timer expiring, rack up points while avoiding your opponent's steals. The player who scores the most points throughout the course of the game wins.

The points of this game will gradually become clear as you play. The ball can be thrown into the opponent's basket while doing somersaults while standing on the sidelines of the field, for instance, or your opponent can be knocked down in order to take the ball and score points.

How to play BasketBros.io


You can choose to battle against tougher opponents to perfect your abilities and acquire experience, or you can compete in tournaments around the world for trophies.



Playing with the W, A, S, and D keys gives you more mobility around the court, and putting the ball in the basket results in amazing scores that help you surpass your previous best.


Use the arrow keys to navigate, deflect the first player's blows, then toss the ball into the goal with the L key on the keyboard.

Additionally, while on the court, you can gain extra bonus points by making a basket or scoring from outside the circle.

You can invite a friend to play with you in the two-player mode, and in the tournament mode, you can compete against other players in a tournament.

Additionally, you can adjust the sound for this game to your preferences in the upper right corner of the screen (speaker icon)