About Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates is a very well-liked massively multiplayer real-time strategy game, and you can now play it online and for free at iogamesio.org.

Battle Pirates is an enormous MMORTS where you can build a pirate fleet and control the high seas. Enjoy this multiplayer game mode and learn firsthand how to compromise your opponent's security measures. As you plunder and loot, the pirate is in full swing!

The most epic browser-based MMO lets you customize lethal ships, construct an island stronghold, and control the seas. Become the Captain you were meant to be by joining your teammates! Building a base for your fleet and pirates to launch attacks from is your first order of business. Your island fortress needs to be effective and impregnable since you must be able to both launch and resist attacks.

When you have a large fleet, you can terrorize the seas and take whatever you want whenever you want. Do you favor lighter gunboats or faster raider-style ships? Battle it out with other pirates for territory, loot, and honor to determine once and for all who actually controls the seas. Monthly in-game events are great for players who are devoted and maintain playing since they allow them to engage in offensive and defensive combat for the chance to win exclusive prizes! the anchor's weight.


  • Build - Create your fleet and use more than 12 different types of customizable ships to launch lethal attacks on your adversaries.
  • Fight - Engage in fleet-to-fleet naval warfare and real-world combat against gamers from all around the world.
  • Rank - Real-time tactical action! Fight for the top spot on the scoreboard by taking part in a spectacular synchronous conflict!

How to play Battle Pirates

Using Mouse