About BattleTanks

BattleTanks is a top-down tank action game inspired by the classic NES game called "Battle City" from 1985. In BattleTanks, you control a tank and engage in battles against other tanks while navigating through a maze-like environment. Your objective is to eliminate enemy tanks, defend your base, and strategically use power-ups to your advantage.


How to play BattleTanks

Here's a general guide on how to play:

Gameplay and Controls:

  1. Tank Movement: Use the arrow keys (usually Up, Down, Left, and Right) to move your tank around the map. The tank can move in all four directions.

  2. Shooting: Press a designated key (often the space bar or another key) to fire projectiles from your tank's cannon. These projectiles are used to destroy enemy tanks and obstacles.

  3. Objective: The main goal of BattleTanks is to eliminate all enemy tanks on each level while protecting your own base. Your base can be damaged by enemy projectiles, so be careful not to let too many enemies reach it.

  4. Map Layout: Each level is designed as a maze with walls and obstacles. Use the environment strategically for cover and to plan your attacks.

  5. Enemy Tanks: Enemy tanks will move around the map and attempt to destroy your tank and your base. Some enemies might have different behaviors or abilities, so be prepared to adapt to various challenges.

  6. Power-Ups: Power-ups may appear on the map. These can provide various benefits, such as increased speed, enhanced firepower, temporary invincibility, or the ability to destroy obstacles. Collect these power-ups to gain an advantage.

  7. Level Progression: As you clear levels by eliminating all enemy tanks, you'll advance to higher levels. Each level may introduce new challenges and enemy tank patterns.

  8. Strategic Play: Plan your movements and shots carefully. Take advantage of obstacles to protect yourself from enemy fire, and aim to destroy enemies before they reach your base.


  1. Prioritize Targets: Some enemy tanks might be more dangerous than others. Prioritize eliminating tanks that pose a direct threat to your base or those with power-ups.

  2. Watch Your Base: Keep an eye on the status of your base. If too many enemies approach it, they can cause damage. Sometimes, it's essential to leave the action and defend your base.

  3. Use Obstacles: Walls and obstacles can be used strategically to block enemy shots and protect yourself. Use them to your advantage.

  4. Collect Power-Ups: Whenever you see a power-up, consider whether it's worth risking a bit of danger to acquire it. Some power-ups can significantly improve your odds.

  5. Anticipate Movement: Predict the movement of enemy tanks and plan your shots accordingly. This is particularly important when you're dealing with tanks that move quickly or unpredictably.

BattleTanks provides a nostalgic and action-packed experience reminiscent of classic top-down tank games. By mastering tank movement, shooting accuracy, and strategic decision-making, you can navigate through the levels, eliminate enemies, and protect your base to become the ultimate tank commander.