About brawlball.io

BrawlBall.io is a free online multiplayer sports-based IO game that focuses on football (soccer). In this game, players participate in fast-paced football matches where teamwork and skill are essential to winning and climbing the trophy leaderboards.


How to play brawlball.io

Here's an overview of the game, its controls, and how to play:

Game Overview:

  • Name: BrawlBall.io.
  • Genre: Sports-based IO Game (Football/Soccer).


The main objective in BrawlBall.io is to participate in multiplayer football matches, work as a team player, and compete to climb the trophy leaderboards.


  1. Team-Based Football: BrawlBall.io is a sports-themed IO game that focuses on football (soccer). Players are divided into teams and compete in football matches against other teams.

  2. Trophy Leaderboards: The game features trophy leaderboards, and the objective is to earn trophies by winning matches and performing well in games.

  3. Discord Integration: To save your weekly trophies and potentially interact with the game's community, you must log in with Discord.

  4. Team Creation: Players have the option to either join a random team based on their trophies or create their own team. Creating a team allows you to invite your friends to join and compete together.


While I don't have specific control details for BrawlBall.io, the controls in sports-based IO games like this one are generally intuitive and easy to understand. Here are common controls you might encounter:

  • Movement: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to control your character's movement on the field.

  • Kicking the Ball: Typically, you can use the left mouse button to kick the ball when your character is in possession of it.

  • Special Actions: Some IO games include special actions or abilities that can be triggered using specific keys or mouse clicks. These actions might be relevant to football skills or teamwork.


Winning in BrawlBall.io typically involves scoring goals in football matches against other teams. Success in matches and accumulating trophies are key to climbing the leaderboard and achieving a high rank.

To play the game and access specific details about controls and mechanics, it's recommended to visit the official BrawlBall.io website or refer to in-game tutorials and guides. Additionally, you can engage with the game's community on Discord if you choose to log in with Discord and participate in discussions or find teammates to play with.