About Chemz.io

Chemz.io is a multiplayer action game with a unique concept inspired by conspiracy theories surrounding chemtrails. The game serves as a satirical take on modern aluminum hat culture. In Chemz.io, players control planes with the goal of "poisoning" as many other players as possible, increasing the size of their planes in the process.


How to play Chemz.io

Here's a guide on how to play Chemz.io:

How to Play Chemz.io:

  1. Objective:

    • The main objective in Chemz.io is to increase the size of your plane by "poisoning" other players with your chemtrails.
  2. Plane Control:

    • Use the controls to fly your plane around the game environment.
  3. Poisoning Mechanic:

    • As you fly, your plane releases chemtrails behind it. These trails "poison" other players. The more players you poison, the larger your plane becomes.
  4. Coverage:

    • Coverage refers to the area covered by your chemtrails. The larger your coverage, the more players you can potentially poison.
  5. Power-Ups:

    • Collect power-ups during gameplay. These power-ups provide you with various advantages, such as weapons, speed boosts, and temporary enhancements like bigger wings. They enable you to poison more players effectively.
  6. Defensive Play:

    • Be aware that other players will try to attack you to steal your coverage. Defend yourself while actively trying to increase your coverage by poisoning opponents.
  7. Eliminating Players:

    • When you successfully "kill" a player, you absorb all their coverage, which leads to an increase in the size of your plane.
  8. Strategic Poisoning:

    • Encourage other players to fly into your chemtrails. This way, they get poisoned, and they will be contributing to your coverage. It's a strategic way to expand your plane.


While specific control details may vary, controls in games like Chemz.io are typically straightforward:

  • Use keyboard controls, arrow keys, or WASD to maneuver your plane.
  • Utilize the mouse for aiming or directing your plane.
  • Additional controls may be available for activating power-ups or using special abilities.


The primary objective in Chemz.io is to have the largest and most potent chemtrail coverage. This is achieved by poisoning other players and strategically expanding your plane. Be vigilant, as other players will try to do the same to you.

As with many multiplayer action games, strategy, timing, and maneuverability are crucial for success in Chemz.io. Experiment with different tactics and use power-ups wisely to gain an edge in this satirical take on chemtrail conspiracy theories.