About Desire IO

Play as a hunter, not the hunted. Be the predator, not the prey. Shooters are a subgenre of video games that

The future has arrived and almost everyone lives in a high-tech smart city. Desirio is a Virtual Reality game where you can become anything you want, from a hacker to a gun fighter. You are equipped with the latest AI technology that allows you to interact and see other players as virtual avatars, instead of just recognizing them by their looks and physical characteristics. So, start your engines and get ready for the next level of

Prepare yourself and your team for another thrilling gaming experience! Here at you will be thrown into different game worlds that will test your strategic thinking, agility, and shooting skills. You will have to use them all in order to win the game! In this fast-paced strategy game, you and your teammates must band together in order to destroy the enemy team or otherwise they will destroy you first. Do you have what it

The internet is full of online games – but only a few are so addictive that you can’t stop playing them. Desire IO is one of those games. You’ll love its fast-paced, shooter gameplay and the amazing 3D graphics. In this article, we will tell you more about this game, its features, and tips on how to

From a post-apocalyptic to a snowy landscape, we’re here to present you the 20 best first person shooter games of all time. These are the best FPS games that you simply can’t miss. Are you ready to experience an adrenaline rush again? Then get ready and start shooting your enemy with the best FPS

How to play Desire IO

Instruction Moving - WASD Shooting - Left mouse button Aiming - Right mouse button Changing weapons - Mouse Wheel Jump - Space Sit down - C Running - Shift to the left You can also change the controls in the game settings.