About LOLShot.io

LOLShot.io is a free, online multiplayer first-person shooter game. True believer, you are correct. No download is required. To play this competitive skill-based first-person shooter with tons of aerial action with your friends, send them an invite link. Earn points for stunning combos that force other players out of the arena, including mid-air kills, or involve using portals to transfer opponents into ambushes.

How to play LOLshot.io

Master, fly, and hunt down opponents in deathmatch mode against up to 16 players while mastering an array of 8 bizarre weaponry. Simple skills are insufficient to win; instead, go for the most spectacular and inventive ones to get bonus points and finish the game with the best score possible. Your ability to freely rocket-jump, employ teleportation, jetpack yourself in the air while utilizing a flamethrower, rain down havoc from above, and make impossibly high leaps using powerful jump pads all add to the action-packed gameplay. The Lifegun ray vampirizes your opponent and is the sole way to recover health; the flamethrower also doubles as a portable thruster, and the Magic Milk grants you a temporary x3 damage bonus. Learn the maps and where to find the weapons and perks; many have unusual capabilities.

How to play LOLShot.io

  • W, A, S, D: move
  • Mouse: shot
  • 1-8: Weapons
  • Space: jump
  • Tab: scores
  • Enter: chat
  • Escape: menu