About MCParkour Noob & Noob Baby

MCParkour Noob & Noob Baby is possible that this game is a newer release or a less widely known title. Based on the description you provided, MCParkour Noob & Noob Baby seems to be a 3D two-player parkour game set in the Minecraft environment. Here's a generic guide on how such games are typically played:

How to play MCParkour Noob & Noob Baby

Game Overview:

  • Title: MCParkour Noob & Noob Baby
  • Genre: 3D Two-Player Parkour

Gameplay Features:

  1. Objective:

    • Reach the finish line by overcoming serious parkour difficulties.
  2. Player Characters:

    • Play with two characters: Noob Player and Baby Noob Player.
  3. Cooperative Play:

    • The game is designed for two players to work together to reach the finish.
  4. Parkour Challenges:

    • Navigate through 3D parkour challenges that require skill and coordination.
  5. Continuous Running:

    • Run continuously without stopping to reach the finish line.
  6. Lava Hazards:

    • Avoid falling into the lava, as it will result in the player's death.

Controls (Generic for Cooperative 2-Player Games):

  1. Player 1 Controls:

    • Arrow keys or WASD for movement.
    • Jump key for jumping.
  2. Player 2 Controls:

    • Similar controls for the second player, often on a different part of the keyboard or a second controller.
  3. Shared Controls:

    • Some actions or movements may require coordination, using shared controls.


  1. Communication:

    • Communicate with your friend to plan movements and overcome parkour challenges.
  2. Timing:

    • Master the timing of jumps and movements to navigate the parkour obstacles.
  3. Coordinated Effort:

    • Work together to ensure both players reach the finish line.