About Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is known for its fast-paced and fun gameplay, making it an enjoyable experience for players who appreciate online multiplayer FPS games with a unique twist. The egg-shaped characters and customizable features add a layer of humor to the intense battles. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, "Shell Shockers" offers egg-citing fun for all.


Shell Shockers


How to play Shell Shockers

Here's a guide on how to play "Shell Shockers" and understand its controls:

Game Objective:

The main objective in "Shell Shockers" is to eliminate opponents and earn points for your team. Players choose from different game modes and maps, using a variety of egg-themed characters and weapons.

Gameplay Features:

  • Egg-Shaped Characters: In this game, your character takes the form of an egg with customizable appearances and gear.

  • Multiple Game Modes: "Shell Shockers" offers various game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Capture The Spatula (similar to Capture The Flag).

  • Unique Weapons: Players can equip a wide range of egg-themed weapons, from shotguns to sniper rifles, to eliminate opponents.

  • Customization: Customize your egg character's appearance, gear, and weapon loadout to suit your playstyle.

  • Fast-Paced Battles: Engage in fast-paced and chaotic battles against other players in different maps and environments.


The controls in "Shell Shockers" are typical for FPS games and are usually set up for keyboard and mouse input:

  1. Movement: Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move your character.

  2. Aim: Move the mouse to aim your weapon.

  3. Shoot: Left-click the mouse to fire your weapon.

  4. Reload: Press the R key to reload your weapon.

  5. Change Weapon: Use the number keys (1-9) or the mouse scroll wheel to switch between weapons.

  6. Jump: Press the Spacebar to jump.

  7. Crouch: Press the Shift key to crouch.

  8. Scoreboard: Tab key to view the scoreboard, which displays player rankings and scores.

How to Play:

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play "Shell Shockers":

  1. Join a Game: Visit the "Shell Shockers" website or platform where the game is hosted, and join a game lobby.

  2. Choose Your Team: Depending on the game mode, choose a team or play as a free-for-all participant.

  3. Customize Your Character: Customize your egg character's appearance, gear, and weapon loadout.

  4. Enter the Battlefield: Once the game starts, you'll be placed in the game map alongside other players.

  5. Eliminate Opponents: Use your weapons to eliminate opponents from the opposing team or rack up kills in free-for-all mode.

  6. Earn Points: Each elimination earns points for your team or adds to your personal score.

  7. Complete Objectives: In game modes like Capture The Spatula, work with your team to achieve objectives, such as capturing the spatula.

  8. Achieve Victory: The team with the most points or the first player to reach the score limit wins the game.

Shell Shockers is a free online first-person shooter (FPS) game known for its unique and quirky gameplay. It features egg-shaped characters armed with various types of weapons in fast-paced, egg-citing battles.