About Snakes 3D

Snakes 3D is a multiplayer online snake game that shares similarities with the popular game "Slither.io." While the gameplay is similar to "Slither.io," "Snakes 3D" offers a unique 3D graphical style and allows players to control snakes in a 3D environment.

How to play Snakes 3D

Here's an overview of the game based on the provided information:


  1. Objective: The main objective in "Snakes 3D" is to control your snake and grow in size by consuming glowing food items while avoiding collisions with other snakes. The larger your snake becomes, the higher your score.

  2. Movement: Players control the movement of their snake using the keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen controls, depending on the platform. You can guide your snake in the desired direction.

  3. Eating: As you navigate the 3D grassland, your snake can grow by consuming glowing food items scattered throughout the environment. Eating food increases the length of your snake and your overall score.

  4. Collision: Colliding with other snakes or with your snake's own body results in the end of your snake's life. Avoid contact with larger snakes and maneuver skillfully to stay alive and continue growing.

  5. Leaderboard: "Snakes 3D" typically includes a leaderboard that displays the top players with the highest scores. Your goal is to climb the leaderboard by increasing the size of your snake.

Choosing a Grassland:

  • "Snakes 3D" allows you to choose your preferred grassland before starting the game. This choice is primarily for visual aesthetics and does not significantly impact gameplay.

"Snakes 3D" offers a 3D twist to the popular "Slither.io" gameplay. While the core mechanics of growing your snake by consuming food and avoiding other snakes remain the same, the 3D graphics and the choice of grasslands provide a different visual experience. Specific controls and instructions may vary based on the platform or version you're playing, so it's advisable to consult the game's official sources or platform for precise guidance.

Enjoy competing with other players in this snake-themed multiplayer game and strive to become the largest snake on the leaderboard!