About Squid Hit

Squid Hit is an engaging and captivating physics-based action game that immerses players in an underwater laboratory, where they create and control their own unique tentacled monster to navigate challenging levels, rescue hostages, and defeat enemies. The game features intuitive controls, charming graphics, and a variety of challenges to test players' creativity, problem-solving skills, and monster-handling prowess.

How to play Squid Hit


The primary objective of Squid Hit is to guide your monstrous creation through a series of levels, utilizing its tentacles to overcome obstacles, rescue hostages, and vanquish enemies. Players must carefully plan their movements, adapt to the unique physics of the underwater environment, and enhance their monster's abilities to achieve victory.


Squid Hit features intuitive controls that allow players to easily maneuver their monster's tentacles:

  • Mouse: Click and hold the left mouse button to extend a tentacle and release it to retract it.

  • Mouse movement: Drag the mouse to direct the tentacle's movement, allowing for precise control and manipulation of objects.


  1. Monster Creation: In the laboratory, players customize their monster's appearance and select its initial abilities, creating a unique creature that suits their playstyle.

  2. Level Progression: Navigate through a variety of levels, each with its unique layout, obstacles, hostages, and enemies, increasing in difficulty as players progress.

  3. Tentacle Manipulation: Utilize your monster's tentacles to interact with the environment, extending them to grab objects, activate switches, and push or pull obstacles.

  4. Rescue Hostages: Locate and rescue hostages, freeing them from captivity by extending your tentacles and interacting with their holding cells.

  5. Combat Enemies: Engage in combat with various enemies, using your tentacles to attack and defend.

  6. Monster Enhancement: Throughout the game, earn coins to upgrade your monster's abilities, enhancing its strength, agility, and special powers.

  7. Level Completion: Successfully rescuing all hostages and defeating all enemies in a level completes the level and unlocks the next one.


  1. Plan Your Movements: Carefully plan your monster's path and tentacle movements to avoid obstacles, reach hostages, and engage enemies efficiently.

  2. Utilize the Environment: Leverage the underwater environment to your advantage, using objects and structures to manipulate your monster's movements and overcome challenges.

  3. Upgrade Strategically: Prioritize upgrading abilities that align with your playstyle and the challenges of the current level.

  4. Master Tentacle Control: Practice controlling your monster's tentacles with precision, allowing for accurate manipulation of objects and effective combat maneuvers.

  5. Adapt and Improvise: Be prepared to adapt your strategies and improvise as you encounter new challenges and unexpected situations.

Embrace the creativity of monster creation, master the art of tentacle manipulation, and become the ultimate underwater hero in Squid Hit!