About Vex 3

Vex is a fast-paced platformer with infinite levels. You control a little fox that needs to run and jump over platforms. There are plenty of obstacles, traps, and even portals that send you back to the beginning! This game has no end – once you finish level 25, you simply go back to level 1 again. But along the way,, you’ll unlock new customization options for your fox as well as new hats and other rewards. The more levels you finish, the better rewards you get next.

If you love games that are challenging and require strategy, you’ll love Vex 3. This game has players moving tokens or markers around a board to complete various challenges. It’s similar to another famous strategy game called Checkers but slightly more challenging.

You must escape traps, run, jump, slide, and swim your way through 10 levels and 9 additional difficulty modes in Vex 3 HTML5.

You play as a blue-colored character that has to jump over pits and avoid snakes and other enemies by running, jumping, and climbing ladders. If you need help on any level, you can look for the helpful monkeys that appear from time to time. Each level has different kinds of obstacles and traps, so the game stays challenging until the last stage. You’ll need to stay focused if you want to help Vex fulfill her destiny. Try to reach the end of each level as quickly as possible while collecting stars and avoiding dangerous traps. Vex is all about timing, precision, and practice - can you master it? Good luck!

How to play Vex 3

Use keyboard to move character