About Vex 4

Remember the classic 3D platformers of the ‘90s? If so, you’ll love this VR version! In Vex 4: Game, Runner, Platform, Action – an exciting virtual reality game that will thrill and excite you. And the best part is that it’s free! Get ready to test your reflexes and reaction time while running away from hungry gators and staying alive in this fast-paced virtual reality game. Stranded on a tropical island without food or water, your only hope of survival is to escape by jumping, crawling, climbing, and hiding to avoid getting caught by those hungry gators. Are you ready for this thrilling virtual reality?

Vex 4 is an action platformer game in which you will run, jump and explore the world of Vex! The game offers various challenging levels, custom characters, and more. Run as fast as you can, jump over obstacles and climb walls to escape from the enemies on each level. Avoid spikes traps, pits, and other dangers. You will have a lot of fun playing this game.

Vex is an exciting platform game with dynamic action and challenging puzzles. You control a little hero called Vex who has to find his way through a mysterious, labyrinthine world filled with tricky traps and treacherous adversaries. Your task is to guide Vex past all dangers and help him escape from the evil presence that has taken hold of this place. Fight your way through rattling chains, scorching flames, sinister shadows, hidden traps, and much more in this fast-paced action runner.

Vex is a fast-paced challenging platform game with brilliant graphics and simple controls. Your mission is to navigate your way through the maze-like structure of each level as quickly as possible. The catch? You must do it while avoiding the oncoming wall of spikes and jumping over gaps in the floor – no small feat when you’re running from them, not towards them!

Run through the level, avoiding falling spikes and leaping over pits, collect coins to unlock new characters, and try not to fall off the edge! If you love the old-school Mario games or Super Hexagon you’ll love VEX. VEX is simple to learn but difficult to master. Good luck!


How to play Vex 4

Using Mouse