About Vex 6

Vex 6 – Stickman Parkour. This is an online browser game, based on the very popular “Stickman” theme – so if you have played any of those games before, then you will feel right at home here. The gameplay is simple. You control a stickman character and you need to get him from point A to point B by running through various levels and jumping over or sliding under obstacles. The catch is that each level has some tricky spots that will require you to think fast and act carefully.

Stickman Vex 6 is an action-packed platformer with parkour and stickman. As a player, your job is to help the main character, Stickman, make his way out of this dangerous place full of challenging obstacles. Your task is also to collect as many coins as you can find so that you can upgrade your abilities at the end of each level.

This game is a challenging platformer game. Help the Stickman hero to defeat his enemies and win the battle. Collect all diamonds and unlock new characters with special abilities. This is the last part of the series of Stickman Archer, Stickman Fighter, Stickman vs Zombies, and Stickman Vex 5.

This game is a challenging platformer game with spectacular graphics and lots of features. There are so many things to explore in this game, and you will find it quite hard to advance to the next level. You need to fast reaction time and a good strategy if you want to beat this game. Are you up for it? If so, let’s start playing right now!

How to play Vex 6

Using Mouse