About Word Hunt

Word Hunt is a word search game where you need to find and click on all the words hidden in the grid. Each word is hidden in a different corner of the grid, making it more challenging as you progress. If this sounds like something you’d like to play, keep reading to learn how you can get started playing right away! This amazing game is an educational game that will challenge your vocabulary and test your knowledge of synonyms. It has many benefits for children, adults, and anyone who loves word games. It improves reading fluency and spelling, increases vocabulary, and trains concentration.

This game is a word-finding game where you will have to find all the hidden words in the grid. Each word can appear more than once but can only be found in one of the locations. The game gets harder as you progress and there are more challenging words that are not so easy to find! This fun and educational puzzle will test your vocabulary and increase your word list at the same time. This is an excellent way to challenge your mind and exercise your vocabulary skills.

The game consists of 25 levels in which you will have to find hidden words from a jumbled mess of letters. Each level has its own difficulty, with the first ones being fairly easy and the last ones becoming extremely challenging. The game can be played by anyone who likes word puzzles and word search games. It’s great for kids to learn their spelling words, vocabulary, or any other English concept involving word recognition.

Word Hunt is a fun educational game for kids. Kids will have to find all hidden words from the given list and click on them. Each correct word found will reduce the time of the timer by 10 seconds. After 3 incorrect clicks, the time will reset to 60 seconds. This html5 game can be played in any browser or even mobile device without downloading. When playing this educational game for kids, you can challenge your friends or play by yourself. Are You Ready? Let's get started now!

How to play Word Hunt

Drag the left mouse button to highlight the words.