About All Star Blast

All Star Blast is a battle royale game with a vibrant party atmosphere, featuring a diverse cast of iconic Ubisoft characters. Players compete in a variety of mini-games and explore expansive maps, all while engaging in intense battles and unlocking new characters and skills.

How to play All Star Blast


  • Movement: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move your character.
  • Action: Press the spacebar or mouse button to interact with objects, activate skills, or attack opponents.
  • Mini-Games: Use a combination of mouse and keyboard controls depending on the specific mini-game.


  1. Choose Your Character: Select from a growing roster of iconic Ubisoft characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

  2. Enter the Arena: Dive into battle royale matches with up to 99 players, or enjoy cooperative and competitive mini-games.

  3. Explore Expansive Maps: Traverse vast and detailed maps filled with secrets, challenges, and power-ups.

  4. Engage in Intense Battles: Utilize your character's skills and power-ups to eliminate opponents and claim victory.

  5. Unlock New Characters and Skills: Earn rewards and progress through the game to unlock new playable characters and enhance their abilities.

  6. Master Mini-Games: Conquer a variety of mini-games, each with its own unique mechanics and challenges.


  • Choose Your Character Wisely: Select a character that suits your playstyle and the specific game mode.

  • Learn Your Character's Abilities: Familiarize yourself with your character's unique skills and utilize them effectively in battle.

  • Explore the Maps: Discover hidden secrets, power-ups, and strategic positioning spots by exploring the maps thoroughly.

  • Master Mini-Games: Practice and refine your skills in the mini-games to gain an advantage over opponents.

  • Adapt to Different Modes: Adjust your strategies and tactics based on the game mode, whether it's battle royale, cooperative, or competitive.

  • Have Fun and Experiment: Embrace the chaotic and lighthearted atmosphere of the game and experiment with different characters and playstyles.a