About Aquar.io

Aquar.io is an exciting multiplayer survival game that takes you on an underwater adventure like no other. As you explore the deep, fascinating yet dangerous world of the ocean, you'll control your "queen-fish" and encounter other species that may join you or attack you.

Your goal is to build the largest shoal of fish possible, competing against other players to become the most dangerous fish in the ocean. But beware, the competition is fierce, and you'll need to be quick and cunning to outsmart your opponents.

The game offers a slow and relaxing rhythm of play, perfectly adapted to the exploration of the most secret underwater depths. You'll have the freedom to swim wherever you like, discovering new species and building your shoal as you go.

But survival is key in Aquar.io, and you'll need to stay on guard at all times. Hostile species and dangerous predators lurk in the depths, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. Use your skills and strategy to defend your shoal and become the dominant fish in the ocean.

With its stunning underwater graphics and immersive gameplay, Aquar.io is a must-play for anyone who loves aquatic adventures. So dive into the deep blue and discover the wonders of the ocean in this exciting multiplayer survival game.

How to play Aquar.io

Using Mouse