Archero is indeed an engaging mobile game that fits the description you provided. It's a popular action-roguelike game developed by Habby, available on both iOS and Android platforms. In the game, players control an archer who must navigate through various dungeons, defeating enemies and bosses while upgrading their equipment and abilities.

How to play ARCHERO

Controls Guide:

  • Movement: The character moves automatically. Players control the direction of their attacks by dragging their finger on the screen.
  • Aiming and Shooting: To aim and shoot arrows, players swipe their finger on the screen in the desired direction. The character will automatically shoot arrows toward the closest enemy in that direction.
  • Dodging: Players can dodge enemy attacks by swiping their finger in the desired direction to move the character out of harm's way.
  • Using Abilities: As players progress, they unlock and can use various abilities or skills. These abilities are activated automatically and can provide offensive or defensive bonuses.

How to Play:

  1. Start Your Adventure: Begin your journey as an archer in a mysterious and dangerous world filled with monsters and challenges.
  2. Navigate Dungeons: Progress through a series of randomly generated dungeon rooms, each populated with enemies and obstacles.
  3. Combat Enemies: Use your archery skills to defeat waves of enemies that stand in your way. Aim carefully to take down foes while avoiding their attacks.
  4. Collect Upgrades: Throughout the dungeons, collect coins, gems, and scrolls. Use these resources to upgrade your character's abilities, stats, and equipment.
  5. Defeat Bosses: Encounter powerful boss monsters at the end of each stage. Use your skills and tactics to defeat them and progress to the next level.
  6. Unlock New Heroes: As you progress, unlock and play as different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.
  7. Upgrade Equipment: Find and equip various weapons, armor, and artifacts to enhance your character's combat capabilities.
  8. Challenge Higher Difficulty Levels: Test your skills by challenging higher difficulty levels, where enemies are tougher but rewards are greater.