Beetle Capture is a game where players must prevent beech robots from grabbing cookies by clicking on the robots to crash them. The objective is to protect the cookies from being taken by the robots by clicking on them quickly and efficiently. It's likely a fast-paced and challenging game that tests players' reflexes and timing.


Here's a guide on how to play along with controls:

How to Play:

  1. Prevent Robots from Grabbing Cookies: The objective of the game is to stop the "beech robots" from grabbing cookies.
  2. Click on Robots: When you see robots approaching the cookies, click on them to crash them before they can grab the cookies.
  3. Avoid Letting Robots Grab Cookies: Make sure to click on robots quickly and efficiently to prevent them from reaching the cookies.

Controls Guide:

  • Mouse: Use the mouse cursor to click on the robots and crash them.
  • Touchscreen (if available): Tap on the robots to crash them.

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced Gameplay: The game likely involves quick reflexes and timing to click on the robots before they grab the cookies.
  • Cookie Protection: Players must protect the cookies from being grabbed by the robots.
  • Challenge: As the game progresses, the speed and number of robots may increase, posing a greater challenge to the player.

Overall, Beetle Capture offers a simple yet engaging gameplay experience where players must act fast to prevent robots from snatching cookies.