About Betrayal.io

The popular game Among Us served as the inspiration for the thrilling multiplayer cooperative game called Betrayal.io. You take on the role of one of the Betrayal movie's stars in this game, and you have the choice of playing either a crew member who must perform chores to repair the starship or a betrayer who must eliminate other players to prevent them from finishing their tasks.

As a betrayer, your goal is to eliminate other players without being detected, while as a crewmate, you must complete all tasks to repair the spaceship. However, when a body is discovered, a meeting will be called, and the players must try to find the impostor.

During the meeting, team members will have to argue to designate a suspect, and the impostors will have to cover their tracks to avoid suspicion. A vote will be cast, and each player must nominate the player they believe to be the betrayer.

To win a game, either the team members must manage to fully repair the ship, or the betrayers must eliminate all the team members without getting caught. The game requires strategic thinking, deception, and cooperation among players to succeed.

With its thrilling gameplay, exciting plot, and multiple roles to play, Betrayal.io is a game that you won't want to miss. So gather your friends and join the fun in this thrilling multiplayer cooperation game.

How to play Betrayal.io

Using Mouse