About Cursors.me

Cursors.me is an online multiplayer game that allows players to create, edit, and interact with pixel art on a shared canvas. It is essentially an interactive version of the classic drawing program, Paint. The entire map in Cursors.me is editable, and players can contribute to the artwork collaboratively in real-time. Let your creativity flow, experiment with different designs, and have fun interacting with other players' creations.

How to play Cursors.me

How to Play:

  1. Joining the Game: When you visit "Cursors.me", you'll be placed on a blank canvas along with other players from around the world.

  2. Drawing: You can start drawing by clicking and dragging your cursor on the canvas. Your cursor will leave behind a pixelated trail, allowing you to create pixel art.

  3. Collaborate: The unique aspect of "Cursors.me" is that you're not alone on the canvas. Other players are drawing alongside you, creating a collaborative art space.

  4. Interact with Others: You can see the cursors of other players moving in real-time. This allows you to interact with their drawings, build upon them, or create your own separate art piece.

  5. Tools and Options: "Cursors.me" offers various tools and options to enhance your drawing experience. These may include different colors, brush sizes, erasers, and more.

  6. Explore the Map: The entire map is editable, which means you can navigate around to find different sections where players are creating art. You can contribute to existing pieces or start something new.

  7. Save and Share: While the canvas is temporary and constantly changing, you can take screenshots of your creations to save and share with others.


  • Draw: Click and drag with your mouse to draw on the canvas.
  • Select Color: Use the color palette or color wheel to choose different colors for your drawing.
  • Change Brush Size: Some versions of "Cursors.me" allow you to adjust the size of your brush for finer details or broader strokes.
  • Interact: Move your cursor around to see the cursors of other players. You can draw near them, collaborate on a piece, or create your own separate artwork.
  • Undo/Redo: Some versions may have undo and redo buttons to correct mistakes or try different ideas.
  • Save/Export: While "Cursors.me" doesn't have a permanent save feature, you can take screenshots of your work to save it on your device or share it online.


  • Collaborate: Don't hesitate to work together with other players. This is what makes "Cursors.me" a unique and creative space.
  • Experiment: Try out different colors, brushes, and styles to create unique pixel art.
  • Explore: Wander around the canvas to discover new art pieces and add your touch to them.
  • Have Fun: Cursors.me is all about creativity and enjoyment. There's no right or wrong way to create, so let your imagination run wild.