About Just Fall.LOL

Just Fall LOL is an exciting multiplayer battle royale game where you control a penguin and compete against other players to be the last one standing on a hexagonal platform. The game features simple yet addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and a variety of game modes to keep you entertained.

How to play Just Fall.LOL

Here's a guide on the controls and how to play:

Controls Guide:

  1. Movement: Use the arrow keys to control the movement of your penguin. You can move left or right.
  2. Jump: Press the up arrow key to make your penguin jump. Jumping is crucial for avoiding falling icebergs and navigating the hexagonal platforms.
  3. Slide/Duck: Press the down arrow key to make your penguin slide or duck. This action can help you avoid obstacles or incoming hazards.
  4. Color Selection: Choose one of the 12 different colors to decorate your penguin's skin. This customization is for personalizing your character's appearance.
  5. Game Modes: Explore various game modes available in the game. The specific rules or objectives may vary between modes, providing different challenges and experiences.

How to Play:

  1. Join a Match: Start by joining a game, where you'll be matched with other players randomly.
  2. Compete in Arenas: Enter hexagonal arenas with other players and compete to be the last penguin standing.
  3. Avoid Falling Icebergs: As you move and jump on the hexagonal platforms, be cautious of falling icebergs. Stay away from holes to prevent falling into the sea.
  4. Outlast Other Players: The goal is to be the last penguin on the platforms. Outlast other players by avoiding obstacles and staying on the shrinking icebergs.
  5. Leaderboard: The last surviving player or the player who stays on the platforms the longest will have their name displayed on the leaderboard.
  6. Invite Friends: You can invite friends to form a group of up to 8 people, enhancing the multiplayer experience.


  • Pay attention to the shrinking size of the platforms, and plan your movements accordingly.
  • Use jumping and sliding strategically to avoid falling icebergs and navigate the hexagonal arena effectively.
  • Experiment with different game modes to add variety to your gameplay experience.

For any updates or specific details about "Just Fall.LOL," including controls and additional features, refer to in-game instructions, settings, or documentation. Enjoy playing and competing against other players in this fun and competitive penguin game!